Local Trails

Located in Grayling,  there are hundreds of miles of ATV trails within a 30 minute drive.

Grayling / Frederic (map) (trailhead 3.5 miles west)

The closest trailhead is 3.5 miles from us, at the south end of this trail system on M-72 west.  There is also a trailhead 5 miles west of Frederic on CR612.

The ORV route here is a wide, sandy, 10 mile trail from south to north, very easy for beginning riders.  The south and north ATV trails wind through a variety of woods, hills, and scenic terrain.  These trails are are slow, tight, and technical for the most part.  Most of this trail must be done slowly in 2nd gear, being careful of ruts, roots, and rocks.  You should have good, confident control of the machine before riding these trails.

This trail will likely be connected to the Kalkaska trails by summer 2009, via Cameron Bridge road at the north end of the trail system.

Kalkaska (map) (trailhead 14.5 miles west)

Halfway between Grayling and Frederic, this is the largest local trail system, with 74 miles of mostly narrow ATV trails and 34 miles of wide ORV route.  The trailhead is a few miles further, 14.5 miles from our location.

This trail system may be a good fit for beginning ATV riders, using the wide and easy ORV routes.  Most of the southern ATV trail is of easy to moderate difficulty, also.

This trail will likely be connected to the Frederic trails by summer 2009, via Cameron Bridge road at the north end of the trail system.

Higgins Lake West (map) (trailhead 18miles south)

65 miles of ATV trail, with no ORV routes.  Most of this area is flatter, with some open and swampy sections.

Leetsville (map) (trailhead 24 miles west)

23 miles of ATV trails through flatter, wooded terrain close to Kalkaska.

St. Helen Trail and Motorsport Area (map) (trailhead 34 miles south)

About90 miles of ATV trails and ORV routes, also home to the St. Helen Motorsport area, a large section of land that is all open to ATVs  (Gray block on map).

Luzerne / Bull Gap (map) (trailhead 19 miles or 38 miles east of Grayling)

An extensive system of trails starts between Grayling and Mio, running East and South to the Bull Gap. The farther trailhead east of Mio is close the Bull Gap ORV scramble area.  These trails see more traffic through the summer, and dusty conditions are common.